Data referring to : 2024-05-20, 2024-05-21, 2024-05-22

DateForecast Demand Peak
Forecast Peak Demand Time
Actual Demand Peak
Actual Demand Peak Time
Last updated
(GMT time of Forecast, or Actual if Actual showing)
2024-05-203078619:303054719:302024-05-20 19:00
2024-05-213146018:302024-05-20 23:30
2024-05-222170100:002024-05-21 02:45

Following the implementation of P219 in November 2008, two consistent streams of demand data are now available on the BMRS from National Grid, namely National Demand (ND) and Transmission System Demand (TSD) as defined below.

National Demand (ND) is the total demand in England, Wales and Scotland including transmission losses but... Show More