Balancing Mechanism Reporting Service (BMRS)

This BMRS is the primary channel for providing operational data relating to the GB Electricity Balancing and Settlement arrangements. It is used extensively by market participants to help make trading decisions and understanding market dynamics and acts as a prompt reporting platform as well as a means of accessing historic data. The main data categories of the website are as follows:

Electricity Data Summary: Includes 9 frequently requested reports including System Prices, Generation by Fuel Type and System Demand.

REMIT: Information provided by market participants to comply with Article 4 of Regulation on Wholesale Energy Market Integrity and Transparency (REMIT) Regulation (EU) 1227/2011.

Transparency: Data for the Transparency Regulation (EU) 543/2013 originating from the Transmission company and market participants.

Transmission: Balancing Mechanism data from the Transmission company and data includes System Operator to System Operator Trades (SO-SO), SO-SO Trade Prices and System Warnings.

Generation: Generation data including Wind Forecast Out-turn, Generation Output Useable (forecast) and Generation by Fuel Type (actual).

Demand: Demand data including Demand Day Ahead (forecast), Initial Demand Out-turn (actual) and Peak Demand data.

Balancing: Data includes system prices, Balancing Mechanism Unit (BMU) data such as Final Physical Notification (FPN), Maximum Export/Import Limits (MIL/MEL), Bid Offer data.

Using this site: Further information for users including site map, glossary of terms and reference documents.

BMRS APIs and Data Push Service

The BMRS APIs and Data Push Service are designed to allow users to access BMRS data automatically. Depending on requirements, users can decide whether to use the API or Data Push services or a combination of the two.

The APIs use a pull mechanism, so are better suited for users needing ad-hoc access to historical information, or those who are interested in specific flows.

The Data Push Service is a new capability that allows the near real-time publishing of information from the BMRS system. This is useful for those who need the latest information from BMRS pushed to their system in near real time. Further details can be found in the BMRS API and Data Push User Guide (see "Related Content").

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Elexon's Analysis and Insights Product team are currently developing a new Insight solution with the first Release to be launched in October 2021. We are looking to create a Data & Reporting user group to help shape the new platform. Further details available on the Elexon website.

Important Information:

• All data included on the BMRS Website are owned pursuant to and in accordance with the terms of the Balancing and Settlement Code.
• BMRS Data is available to BSC Parties subject to the terms of the Balancing and Settlement Code.
• BMRS Data is available to any other person subject to the terms of the BMRS Data Licence. By using the BMRS Website, you are indicating your acceptance of these terms.

Use of the BMRS APIs and Data Push Service is subject to the APIs Terms of Use. Besides the API (and Data Push), ELEXON prohibits users from retrieving the BMRS data from the website via scripting or any other method of screen scraping. Users who frequently script large volume of data do so at their own risk and ELEXON reserves the right to block those users without notice.

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